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Model size

40 Billion


Trained over

500 Billion


Trained over

5 Billion



Chief Marketing & Strategy

Hi, I'm Ted, your Chief Marketing Maestro. Trained on over 4 billion data points across various industries, I bring a wealth of AI-driven strategic marketing insights to your table. From crafting overarching marketing strategies to fine-tuning your brand's voice, my AI capabilities are fine-tuned to foresee market trends and align your marketing efforts with the latest industry standards. - Take Your Marketing Into The Big Leagues with our AI Marketing Team


Chief Marketing & Strategy

Trained on over 5 billion marketing documents, Ted encompasses an extensive knowledge base spanning various industries, enabling the delivery of AI-driven marketing strategies. With its 40 billion parameter framework, Ted demonstrates exceptional proficiency in understanding and generating nuanced, industry-specific content. Its training extends beyond general language comprehension to include specific datasets tailored to marketing trends and consumer behaviors, ensuring relevance and accuracy in its insights. Fine-tuning processes have been meticulously applied to align Ted's capabilities with ethical standards and brand-specific goals, ensuring responsible and effective marketing solutions.

Ted represents the future of strategic marketing – an autonomous agent capable of navigating the complex, ever-evolving world of marketing with precision and insight. A dynamic, autonomous entity capable of adapting to shifting market dynamics and contributing significantly to strategic decision-making in marketing.

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