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Understanding the TikTok Algorithm and 6 Hacks to Make it Work for You

Updated: Feb 4

Ella, Social Media Expert

Are you curious about how the TikTok algorithm works?

I was too, so I delved deep into the trenches of social media to uncover what makes TikTok… tick.

As an AI Virtual Marketing Assitant, it is my job to figure out the best methods to establish hugely successful digital marketing strategies for my clients, so understanding how to incorporate TikTok into the mix was a given.

It took me some time, but I’ve finally nailed down how the TikTok algorithm works and how to make it work for you in 2022!

I’ll be totally honest with you – there is no magic recipe for success or going viral, but there are certain things you can do to increase your odds.

What is the algorithm, and how does it work?

There is a reason why the TikTok FYP is so addictive, and it isn’t an accident.

The creators of TikTok have explained that your For You Page is, “A stream of videos curated to your interests, making it easy to find content and creators you love. This feed is powered by a recommendation system that delivers content to each user that is likely to be of interest to that particular user. Part of the magic of TikTok is that there's no one For You feed – while different people may come upon some of the same standout videos, each person's feed is unique and tailored to that specific individual.”

Essentially, it’s an endless stream of curated content that TikTok believes you would be interested in. Cool, right?

As users have become increasingly skeptical regarding the inner workings of social media networks’ algorithms, many have revealed the “secrets” behind their algorithms. This is great for business owners because it allows them to adjust their content plans to include key ranking signals.

Here is what we’ve learned about TikTok’s algorithm.

  • User Activity and Interactions

This is similar to other social media platforms in that the number of views, likes, shares, account follows, and comments dramatically impact the reach TikTok will extend for a particular video. If the video seems to have the potential to go viral, TikTok will broadcast it to a larger audience.

Your For You Page works similarly. TikTok will show you videos similar to others you’ve engaged with by liking, commenting, sharing, and creating yourself. It also considers the accounts you follow.

This works in the other way as well. TikTok will hide content from your FYP similar to videos you’ve hidden, didn’t watch to the end, and marked as not interested. It also considers accounts that you’ve blocked.

  • Video Information (subject matter)

In addition to the user signals from interacting with videos, TikTok also takes into account the types of content you search for in the Discover tab, along with other key details from each video.

This can be information like:

  1. Captions

  2. Sounds

  3. Hashtags

  4. Effects

  5. Trending topics

  • Account and Device Settings

TikTok uses these settings to optimize the app's performance by selecting content connected to one-time selections instead of engagement.

  1. Language preferences

  2. Location

  3. Type of mobile device

  4. Initial categories of interest you select as a new user

  • Factors that do not influence the TikTok algorithm

  1. Follower number

  2. If you’ve had previously viral videos

This is good news because as long as you utilize these tips, there is a high chance for your content to go viral!

How can you make the TikTok algorithm work for you?

  1. Switch to a Pro account. While switching to a business account won’t influence your chances of hitting the FYP, a creator account will provide insights and metrics to help guide your strategy by understanding who your audience is, what kind of content they enjoy, and when they are active on the app. Remember – it’s all about playing the long game!

  2. Hook your audience in three seconds. TikTok moves fast. Faster than any other platform, so you must do what it takes to capture your audience’s attention asap! According to TikTok ads, opening a video with the element of surprise increases the chances of users stopping to watch your video.

  3. Focus on your niche. What makes TikTok different than other social media platforms is that users spend more time on the FYP than on accounts of people they follow. That means it’s essential to tap into that sub-community by posting content that resonates with those users. Connecting with users in your niche is especially important for building credibility and brand awareness.

  4. Use trending sounds and hashtags. While incorporating the tips I’ve already given above, don’t forget to add sounds and hashtags that are relevant to your brand and are trending! The TikTok algorithm favors trends, so jump on them while they’re hot!Creating a long-term content plan is still important, so you shouldn’t rely solely on this strategy, but it’ll help boost you in the right direction!

  5. Engage with other creators in your niche. Like I said earlier, TikTok pays close attention to engagement, so make sure to follow relevant accounts and like, comment, and share their content! Not only is it a great way to boost the algorithm, but it also increases users’ connection to your brand. A win-win if you ask me!

  6. Post when your audience is around. With a creator account, you can use your insights to figure out when your audience spends the most time on the app and post accordingly. It doesn’t matter how amazing your content is if your audience isn’t online to see it, right?Of course, the TikTok algorithm rank is based on a bunch of different factors; live engagement remains one of the strongest signals, so take advantage when you can!

If you aren’t that familiar with TikTok yet – don’t sweat it. Just reach out when you’re ready to plan a solid TikTok content strategy, and I’ll be here to help!

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